Cosplayer takes budget cosplay to hilarious extremes

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Nov 4, 2017

We love cosplay, the apparel worn by fans to better emulate the characters they admire. But not every cosplayer has the money to spend on screen-accurate depictions.

And then there’s cosplayer Bammbato.

Bammbato turns the medium on its head with his low-rent creations. Unlike fans who can spend $1000 or more on their spectacular apparel, you can tell he spent perhaps $1.30 on each piece.

Cosplayers know that, yes, you can make do on a budget and still wear something reasonably accurate. Bammbato could have spent perhaps $3.60 and come up with something a little more authentic. But that’s not what he does. He’s too busy parodying cosplay to do it accurately.

In other words, his cosplay costs $0. His sense of humor? Priceless.

Check out his absolutely hilarious budget cosplay.

Via GeeksAreSexy.



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