Could this be Daft Punk's new score for Tron Legacy?

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Patrick Lee
Jul 4, 2015

One of the reasons we're psyched for the upcoming Tron Legacy movie, aside from the obvious, is that it will feature a score by the helmeted French electronic duo Daft Punk. So it's with great glee that we offer you what we think might be a new track from the sequel, below.

We heard a bit of Daft Punk from the Flynn's Arcade exhibit at last year's Comic-Con, and we've heard they also cameo in the movie in a club scene.

We haven't confirmed whether this really is from Tron Legacy, but whether or not this is an actual bit of score, we think it's creepy cool and very sci-fi, almost a Vangelis-in-Blade Runner vibe. What do you think? (Tron Legacy opens Dec. 17.)

(Thanks to UGO's Jordan Hoffman for the heads-up.)

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