Could Disney expand its budding Star Wars empire to Netflix?

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Jul 30, 2015

We've been hearing rumors of a live-action Star Wars TV series for a decade now, and creator George Lucas was teasing numerous hours of already-written scripts well before Disney ever owned the franchise. Now we're in the Disney era, and the studio seems bent on expanding its Star Wars empire in every direction it possibly can. We've got main series films, spinoff films, videogames, comic books, novels, toylines and more all on the way, but one thing we haven't officially heard about is a live-action TV show. So, will we?

It's certainly a pretty safe bet that Disney will get around to that eventually, but in what format and on what network remain to seen. That doesn't stop the Internet from claiming it already knows, though, and a new report claims Disney's Star Wars TV plans are already brewing.

Cinelinx reports that Disney would like to develop the first live-action Star Wars TV series at Netflix, continuing a relationship that began with the final episodes of The Clone Wars and flourished with a massive deal for Marvel Studios shows that's already proven successful with Daredevil. The report claims that Disney is planning "potentially three different" series, which would shoot between the films in order to use some of the same sets and preserve a "cinematic" look. 

Now, there's no word on when this deal might come to fruition, or what the shows would focus on, but it's certainly not a far-fetched piece of news. Disney and Netflix already have a partnership that's proven successful for both parties, Netflix is more-or-less universal at this point, and releasing shows via the streaming service would allow Lucasfilm more content and format freedom than it would have on a network like the Disney-owned ABC.

We'll let you know if the report picks up steam.

(Via Cinelinx)

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