Could Michael B. Jordan pull double duty in Fantastic 4 AND Batman vs. Superman?

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:10 PM EST (Updated)

Fresh off the announcement that he’ll be the new Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four, a new report indicates Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) could also show up in DC’s big superhero team-up flick. But, as who?

The report comes from the scoop meisters at Latino Review, who claim Batman vs. Superman director Zack Snyder has already met with Jordan about the mystery role, though no formal offer is on the table yet. For Snyder to meet with anyone is fairly significant, as we learned from the Lex Luthor casting experience, as Jesse Eisenberg was one of the only actors Snyder actually had a sit-down with.

The “physically fit” role will apparently be smallish in Batman vs. Superman, with plans to expand the character in future sequels. So, what’s the character? No one knows for sure, but it sounds like the most likely options are Cyborg, John Stewart’s Green Lantern, or even Batman’s former protege Dick Grayson.

Both seem like good options, and with Jordan seemingly on the verge of breaking out big, it wouldn’t be a bad move to lock him in for future films. But, would fans — and the studios, for that matter — embrace and allow for the same actor to play two major characters in active comic franchises? Yes, we realize Chris Evans was both Human Torch and Captain America, but that Fantastic Four run was over by the time he signed on as Cap.

Interesting note: If this does turn out to be true, and the role is for Dick Grayson, it would be the second time a black actor was on the short list for Robin/Nightwing. Marlon Wayans would’ve played the boy wonder in one of Tim Burton’s aborted Batman sequels, which eventually turned into Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever train wreck.

What do you think? Would you like to see Jordan show up in both franchises? Who should he play in Batman vs. Superman?

(Via Latino Review)