Could this new Avengers 2 set location confirm the appearance of Black Panther?

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May 17, 2013

 With studio space already confirmed in the U.K., this news is very suspicious indeed.

On a radio program in Africa yesterday, the chairman of Cape Town’s film studios, Anant Singh, revealed the latest feather in his cap. Turns out Marvel Studios has been in touch and is interested in filming in the area.

Now, filming locations aren't ordinarily news. But this is not an ordinary situation. With Marvel already set up to use U.K. studios for Avengers 2, what would they need Cape Town for? Is it for more studio space? More likely they're pricing out location shoots.

Now, what Marvel character do we know who spends a fair amount of time in South Africa? Black Panther. Who have we heard might get his own film? Black Panther. And who have we heard casting rumors about? Oh, right. That would be Black Panther.

Is this out-and-out confirmation that T’Challa will be in Avengers 2? Well, no. But where there's smoke, more often than not there is also fire. And there's a whole lot of Panther-shaped smoke right now.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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