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Could this be the new title for Avengers 4?

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Jun 30, 2018, 10:58 AM EDT

It's been two months since Avengers: Infinity War stormed into theaters to predictably dominate the box office and the imaginations of Marvel fans for weeks on end, but even that far removed from the film one big mystery about the franchise remains: What will Avengers 4 be titled?

The was originally just going to be called Avengers: Infinity War Part II, but in 2016 the studio announced that the film would be renamed, and the new title was being kept under wraps at least in part because it could spoil certain elements of Infinity War. With that in mind, many fans expected the title reveal to come after Infinity War's release, or perhaps on a title card at the very end of that film. That didn't happen, and eventually the speculation over what Marvel was keeping so secret about the title got so rampant that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige labeled it a bigger distraction than he'd expectedEveryone has a theory, but no one knows for sure if they're right. Now we may have stumbled upon the title in an unexpected place.

This discovery, spotted by Omega Underground early Saturday, comes from the website of Trent Opaloch, the cinematographer who shot Infinity War as well as the Captain America films The Winter Soldier and Civil War for directors Joe and Anthony Russo. Opaloch's website includes a resume listing his many credits, and that resume was recently updated to include Avengers 4. It's not called Avengers 4, though, or Untitled Avengers, as Feige has taken to calling it. It's got an actual title. Here's a screencap just in case it disappears later.

Trent Opaloch Resume Page

So, if Opaloch is correct, the film arriving next spring is called Avengers: End Game, a reference to both the impending final struggle with Thanos and the moment in Infinity War when Doctor Strange tells Iron Man "We're in the end game now" shortly after handing the Time Stone over to the Mad Titan.

Of course, this could also just be a working title, something that sounds better for the filmmakers than just saying "Untitled fourth Avengers film" over and over, but even if that were the case, Marvel's been very clear about keeping the title under wraps until they're absolutely ready to tell us. Feige told Collider just days ago that the studio doesn't expect to unveil it until later this year, possibly along with the first teasers for Captain Marvel. So why would Opaloch just drop this into his public resume now? Perhaps it's a placeholder, or perhaps someone let the official title slip too soon?

With Ant-Man and the Wasp hitting theaters in less than a week, it's very likely someone at Marvel will be asked to weigh in on this at some point. Stay tuned...

Avengers 4 (or Avengers: End Game) arrives in theaters May 3, 2019.