Could Fringe be the first TV series saved by a Twitter hashtag?

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Dec 16, 2012

There have been a lot of unique "Save Our Show" campaigns over the years, but a small group of inspired Fringe fans hopes to use social media in a whole new way to rescue the beloved Fox series.

The folks at Fringenuity have started a Twitter hashtag effort with a unique twist they hope can keep the series trending while it is on-air live. They hope the buzz will show the series has more fans out there than just the few recorded on a Nielsen ratings box.

By creating new hashtags each week unique to that episode, they plan to get them trending quickly—which should actually be more effective than just getting a bunch of people to tweet "#Fringe."

Here's why: Twitter trends are generated by topics that are being talked about a lot more very quickly, meaning the best bet is to create a fresh hashtag and have it blow up in a matter of minutes, which should help it make the trending list. If, per se, they opted to have everyone just tweet "#Fringe" when the show was on, that hashtag is already out there, so any jump in usage probably wouldn't be enough to get it up.

"Our hashtags are designed with a dual purpose in mind," Fringenuity's Annie wrote on her blog. "First, it needs to be something that will appeal to Fringies as having a distinctive tie-in to the show; and secondly, it needs to be something that has the potential to catch the interest of outsiders, in order to amplify our collective voice and our chances of garnering new viewers."

Hashtags used over the past few weeks have done just that, with "#ObserveItLive," "#TakeTheLead," and "#BeABetterMan" all flying up the charts.

"We've been very fortunate to catch the perfect storm of technology, timing, and enthusiasm to see just how far these new avenues can take us, and we sincerely hope we're given the chance to explore them to their full potential," Annie added. "Come on Fox; we're right here. Give us season five and let's explore together to see how far we can go."

So, what can fans do to help this week? Wait until a few minutes before the new episode airs Friday and get "#LoveIsTheAnswer" moving. Fast.

It's inspiring to see fans finding new and creative ways to use the tools at their disposal to support the shows they love. Now, let's see if it works.

(via Unreality TV).