Could the Star Trek sequel be banishing Uhura's famous skirt?

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Dec 16, 2012

J.J. Abrams has already taken more than a little heat from Trekkies for his assorted revisions to the Star Trek universe, and now he might be in for a bit more. New photos from the Trek 2 set reveal that he may have eliminated one of the most time-honored elements of Gene Roddenberry's universe: Lt. Uhura's skirt.

New spy photos captured at the sequel's set reveal both John Cho (Sulu) and Zoe Saldana (Uhura) walking around in what looks like a new uniform style. The coats aren't part of it; they're just coats, but if you look past them you'll see a few new things. As Trek Movie (the site that posted the pics) points out, they look somewhat similar to the uniform worn by instructors at the Federation Academy in the first film, but the style has changed a bit. And if you look closely, you'll see bit of a red patch near Uhura's collar, while there's a silvery-gray patch in the same spot on Sulu's uniform.

But what's perhaps most notable about these images is that—uniform change or not—Uhura is no longer skirted. She's got the same pants and boots that Sulu does. Now, there's no reason to assume that these are the uniforms the Enterprise crew will be wearing throughout the entire second film. They could be special attire for some occasion or mission. But if they are, that means that Uhura's skirt has been nixed in favor of something more practical.

But practical or not, fans of classic Trek might see it as yet another slap in the face to their franchise from Abrams. What do you think? Pragmatic new clothing choice or Star Trek sacrilege?

(via Trek Movie)

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