Count all 509 of Schwarzenegger's cinematic kills in this explosive supercut

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Dec 18, 2013, 10:05 AM EST

With one of the most prolific acting careers ever, you might wonder what Schwarzenegger's cinematic legacy is. It's killing people. Lots and lots of people.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone from body builder to actor to civil servant, and then back to actor again. But in all that time, he's most known for the wanton destruction he reaps in his movies. Twins, Junior, Jingle All the Way, and that's just the emotional anguish!

We kid, we kid. Genuinely, though, Arnie's a stone-cold killer, and the following video provides the proof. What you are about to witness are 509 unique deaths in just under a half an hour. So get cozy. We'll be back.

That was a metric ton of senseless killing. And it's just the beginning! Now that Arnie's back on the acting scene, that number is going to skyrocket. Did you know Twins is getting a sequel? It's called Triplets, and the plot is that Arnie and DeVito have a long-lost third brother -- Eddie Murphy. Just think of all the lives that film will take! A LOT.

(via Kotaku)