Count Olaf breaks the fourth wall in first teaser for A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2

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Jan 1, 2018, 12:40 PM EST

Start your year off right by receiving a message by that serial arsonist, liar, murderer, and all-around charlatan Count Olaf. Neil Patrick Harris reprises his role as the Series of Unfortunate Events villain to address the hungover New Year's masses and introduce a short teaser trailer for the show's second season, which now has a premiere date of March 30.

"It's time for us to get this New Year's day binge started," Harris says, looking directly into the camera and brandishing a needle-pointed knife and a murderous-looking machete. "There may be some of you who are surprised that Netflix would choose this to be the first face you see in 2018, but those are the same people who wouldn't recognize handsome if it set your house on fire." This introduction is fitting with the dark and self-referential humor of Lemony Snicket's (a pseudonym for Daniel Handler) young adult series. 

The 15-second trailer gives us further glimpses into The Austere Academy (Book 5) and The Ersatz Elevator (Book 6) while also providing a first look at The Vile Village (Book 7). In particular, inhabitants of the Village of Fowl Devotees -- and their penchant for burning people at the stake -- are prominently featured, as is Hector's hot-air mobile and the lush apartment space of 667 Dark Avenue.

Season 2 will also include The Hostile Hospital (Book 8), but clips from that installment are curiously missing from the short teaser. Patrick Warburton's Lemony Snicket (the show's narrator) is also nowhere to be found; perhaps his character is still on the run from the authorities, wanted for a crime he didn't commit. Whatever the case, you can probably expect a meatier trailer coming soon that will show off some more scenes and new cast members, like Nathan Fillion, Lucy Punch, and Tony Hale.