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Casting Roundup: Counterpart adds Betty Gabriel, Jared Gilmore returns to Once Upon a Time

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Feb 28, 2018, 11:42 AM EST

The days leading up to the Oscars wouldn’t be complete without one of its unsung heroes earning some much-deserved success. That and a familiar face coming back to his old haunt fill out this casting roundup, so let’s get to it.

First off is Betty Gabriel, whom you may know from her singlehandedly tone-altering performance as a maid struggling for her freedom in Jordan Peele’s much-loved Get Out, has joined the cast of Counterpart’s second season. She’ll also be coming up in the next season of android-reality Westworld and more Blumhouse productions in the future, so that should take the sting out of her lack of a supporting actress nomination.

Counterpart could use Gabriel’s talent and nuance because the sci-fi/spy thriller genre combo of the J.K. Simmons-led series is perfectly keyed for complex performances. Gabriel plays ex-FBI agent Naya Temple, who's been brought on by the Office of Interchange to shake things up. And wait, perhaps a different version of Temple as well, since the show takes place in a reality with parallel dimensions.

Another character finding themselves mirrored (well, in that memories are reflections of versions of ourselves) is that of Once Upon a Time’s Henry Mills. As the show heads to its series finale after a seven-season run, many of the OGs are likely to turn up, but it’s confirmed that Jared Gilmore returns as Mills after playing the character for six years.

Gilmore will guest-star in the last season’s 20th episode as Evil Queen Regina’s son — but still not quite the grown version played by Andrew J. West. The show’s co-creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, said that the episode’s "sweet, emotional mother-son story" looks towards the future, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“We're going to show an episode with him before that in Storybrooke with Regina,” Kitsis said. “It's a college tour. Who doesn't want to go on a college tour with the Evil Queen? She plays beer pong like nobody.”

Gilmore already returned for an episode earlier this season, which pushed the character into adulthood, but he's one of the first of the original cast to return to the series for its victory lap.

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