Crack open this international gallery of 23 original Alien movie posters for Alien Day!

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Apr 26, 2016, 5:59 PM EDT

Today is 4-26-16, AKA Alien Day, and though it's not yet an official global holiday, it definitely should be! 

The selected date is a sly nod to the planetoid LV-426, the notorious world where the doomed Nostromo crew first encountered the derelict spaceship and its lethal cargo.  20th Century Fox proclaimed this time to be set aside for a gala fan celebration of all things Alien, with 24 hours of special Alien and Aliens screenings, prizes, giveaways, the release of Reebok's Alien Stompers, a new Alien novel, limited-run Dark Horse Aliens comic covers, exclusive merchandise, a new Alien: Out of the Shadows radio drama and an all-day Ultimate Trivia Challenge on Twitter hosted by @alienanthology.

I was a 14-year-old, hippy-haired Star Wars addict lingering in a block-long line at San Francisco’s Northpoint Theater in May of 1979, feverish with anticipation to see Ridley Scott's devastating new science-fiction film ever since my first glimpse of the haunting lobby cards and strange promo stills in Starlog magazine. That memorable sunny afternoon, Alien was presented in stunning 70mm, six-track Dolby stereophonic sound and the reverberations from its impressionable premiere have yet to fade away.

In honor of Alien Day, here's a shattering collection of 23 scream-inducing Alien one-sheets gathered from around the planet, from Poland, Germany and Hungary, to Japan, Italy and Turkey.  Scream if you need to and tell us which Alien posters take the prize!