Ahnold's Mr. Freeze + 99 more maniacal laughs in 6 minute supercut

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Dec 17, 2012

Need a good chuckle to get through your dull Monday? Just try to keep a straight face as you watch this hilarious six-minute superclip of Hollywood's best sinister snickers from memorable sci-fi, fantasy and horror flicks.

Every great genre film needs a loony blast of insane laughter from one of its key characters. With a few stray examples outside the nerd realm, most all of these 100 clips come from fan favorites like The Shining, The Dark Knight, The Exorcist, Demolition Man, Evil Dead, Predator and The Wizard Of Oz.

Let the mad cackling begin...

Recognize them all? Here's a complete list of the films used from creator James Chapman's site.

Laugh it up. Tomorrow is already Tuesday.

(via Topless Robot)