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Jul 28, 2006

Reader Psyberdave sent me a note about a website he found. I usually don't blog about such things, but geez, sometimes it's best to air stuff like this out. is one of those crackpot websites that when you read it, you can't really make yourself believe it's for real.

He's a geocentrist.

No, really.

Now, to be honest, like I said he might be joking. I can't tell if the guy is seriously a geocentrist or not. Can you?

He describes his take on how lunar and solar eclipses work using heliocentrism, and it's, well, it's classic crackpottery:

In the heliocentric system it is IMPOSSIBLE to have phases of the moon without having a major solar and lunar eclipse at least twice every month. The spinning earth can't save them this time because the shadow would just move with the turning earth and more people could view this spectacular heavenly display twice a month.

Well, he's got me there. There's no way I could explain that without resorting to having the Moon's orbit tilted with respect to the Earth's by about 5 degrees. No way at all.

Sigh. Well, if you can keep from clawing your eyes out, go ahead and give that site a go. But I warned ya!

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