Crawl into this cursed collection of 24 classic mummy comic book covers

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Oct 10, 2014

As a rule, mummies are a decidedly disagreeable group of undead monsters who seldom smile, and understandably so.  Maybe it has to do with the eons interred in dark tombs, a hellishly dry desert climate, bodies bundled tight with anointed linens, and the frustrating inability to get a cool drink in the halls of eternity.  Whatever the reason for their intense anger, the resurrection theme has always been illuminated in the annals of horror literature, films, videogames and especially comic books.  

In honor of Halloween and the dusty, decrepit creatures, here's a historic gallery of comic covers featuring our dear departed mummies come alive, bandaged, mumbling and stumbling in full four-color hysteria.  From Boris Karloff's parched priest, Imhotep, to N'Kantu the Living Mummy, wrap yourself around this crumbling collection of ancient and modern mummy art in comcs from Charlton, Dell, Marvel, DC and more.

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