Crazy new MegaBots Kickstarter campaign wants to create giant combat robots

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Oct 30, 2014

Here's a Kickstarter project all fans of massive machines tearing each other to pieces can get behind.  A dedicated team of engineers, scientists, designers and artists out of Boston have formed a corporation called MegaBots Inc. and are gunning for your dollars to help fund and launch a new sporting enterprise featuring cutting-edge, 15-foot-tall, seven-ton battling robots.  

Their lofty goal is to reach $1.8 million, where the formation of a true live-action robot fighting league consisting of multiple android opponents would begin.  

Interested?  Here's their official pitch from Kickstarter:

The mad scientists at MegaBots, Inc. have been zealously working on the prototypes and final design of 15-foot-tall, 15,000-pound, walking humanoid combat robots with giant, modular pneumatic cannons for arms. A driver-and-gunner team pilot each MegaBot in a battle against other MegaBots, vehicles, and a variety of other defenses and obstacles in live-action combat – the likes of which the world has only dreamed of through video games and movies.

MegaBots are covered in customizable, breakaway armor plating and fire large, paint-filled projectiles at each other at speeds topping 120 miles per hour. As projectiles hit their targets, armor plates shatter and explode, and computers tally critical hits to the robot's limbs and torso. As more and more hits are taken, robots start to limp, joints start to seize, weapons start to jam, and after enough damage, limbs are completely blown off. The last MegaBot standing wins!

We've spent the past four months making the prototype upper body and arm of a MegaBot, a prototype gun emplacement, two weapon systems and more to prove out the technology we've spent the past two years designing. We're ready to bring giant fighting robots into the world – are you ready to join us?

According to their timetable, these chaotic contests will begin with an initial tournament in May 2016, although no exact location and dates have been set.  Their ambitious plans also include an entire robotic sports league in which fans and viewers can expect epic battles with robots of different sizes and weight classes, pummelling each other using interchangeable and customizable suites of weapons systems.  While all this sounds a bit far-fetched, we're not going to be the ones to jinx this awesome endeavor, and we hope to high heaven that they reach their goal.  For more info on their MegaBot project, check out their Kickstarter site here.  

Think this enthusiastic group has a chance, or is it all just wishful thinking?

(Via Gamma Squad)

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