Watch: Proof that kids' shows have never ever given a @#$!

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May 12, 2017, 3:12 PM EDT (Updated)

I was an '80s kid. And the folks around the Syfy office were born from all different times. We've seen kids' shows in either original airings or reruns dating back from the '60s mostly through until the '90s.

There's one thing I can tell you about kids' shows from those decades: a lot of them did not give one, single, solitary @#$! about the craziness they put on screen. Whether it was sexually charged or just plain weird, there are a flood of examples where the cartoons and live-action shows watched by boomers through millennials maybe (probably) reshaped their brains in a way that maybe their parents didn't very much.

What do I mean? Here's but a scratch of the surface for weird kids' shows and some of the specific things they got up to re: making you mentally unwell.

Watch it, won't you?

And much more importantly, share with us all the times shows you watched growing up as a kid probably scarred you. I bet you know quite a few.



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