Crazy cosplay guy builds awesome motorized Iron Man armor

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Dec 17, 2012

Have some extra time on your hands? How about making a fully articulated custom Mark 7 suit with arc reactor and glowing eyelets like this creative fan? Beats playin' Angry Birds all day.

Check out these video clips of Colorado actor/FX artist Master Le, AKA Anthony Le, and his wild prop costume for Iron Man. The suit features servomotor shoulder weapons, shielding visor and a bonus retractable jet pack outfitted with CO2 canisters to simulate a jet stream. We applaud the heavy-duty effort!

Le's ambitious superhero outfits, including one for War Machine, can be seen at Comic Cons, charity events and premieres around the country. Kinda makes your cheesy cardboard Loki costume seem silly in comparison. Now get back to the sewing machine.

via Geeks Are Sexy