Create your own Kryptonian hero with SYFY's Descendants of Krypton generator

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Mar 24, 2018, 6:11 PM EDT

The wait for SYFY's Krypton TV show is finally over, but the fun doesn't have to stop with watching the show every week. You can now delve into the rich history of Superman's homeworld by heading over to the Descendants of Krypton portal on the network's website. 

Explore the different houses that exist: El, Zod, Vex, and Em. In addition, each member of the planet's "Guilded" classes belong to one of six guilds: Military, Science, Artisans, Lawmakers, Technicians, and Religious; All guild membership is determined by genetic strengths and pair bindings are prearranged. Educate yourself on each guild by perusing their respective crests. Outside of Krypton's classes, there are also several other characters to discover such as Adam Strange, Voice of Rad, Kem, and the show's villain, Brainiac.  

Once you've finished your crash course on Kryptonian culture, you'll be ready to create your own hero inspired by the series. First, you must choose your base shape and then you can go nuts on choosing from a variety of different skin colors, jaw shapes, hairstyles, eyebrows, eye colors, noses, mouths, facial hairs, accessories, houses, backgrounds, and even a cause to fight for. After you've customized the character to all your specifications, simply share it to social media or download to your computer. Who knows, the next Superman or Doomsday might just be created by your hands!

Krypton airs every Wenesday on SYFY at 10/9c. The next episode to do so will be the second installment one of the first season, titled "House of El," on March 28.