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Nov 23, 2007

One of the problems with creation science (and there are gazillions to choose from) is the name itself: it's not a science. It is not based on evidence, it does not promote investigation into reality, and when it's shown to be wrong (every single time) the promoters tend to resort to lying about it. That's not creationism's fault, but it comes with the territory.

So what are reality-based people to do when creationists constantly and erroneously claim that it really is science?

Why, mock them of course. Something Awful has a list of creation research proposals for your perusal, and they're brilliant. My favorite:

"Oil and the Vapor Canopy: locating crude deposits through the applied principles of flood geology"

Creation scientific evidence suggests the world was once surrounded by a layer of atmospheric water that collapsed and condensed on the land in a catastrophic event. Using the knowledge that this event wiped out nearly all life on earth, we will find low spots where dead bodies collected during the upheaval to derive techniques for locating crude oil formed many hundreds of years ago and then placed by God beneath dinosaur bones.

I can think of lots of others. If I had to submit only one, it would be "Why The Ninth Commandment Is Optional When Promoting Creationism". I think that would be a very popular project.

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