Creative team revealed for Marvel's relaunched Runaways comic series

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Dec 19, 2018, 12:00 AM EST (Updated)

When it comes to modern additions to the Marvel Universe, there are few characters as beloved to fans as the Runaways. When Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona created the group of angst-ridden teens in 2003, they immediately struck a chord and fans demanded more. And while the ongoing series hasn’t been around for almost eight years, fans haven’t stopped asking for more of Nico, Karolina, Chase, Molly and Old Lace. And now all that begging is about to pay off.

This September, Marvel Comics will be launching an all-new Runaways series by novelist Rainbow Rowell—writer of Fangirl—and artist Kris Anka, of Captain Marvel fame. The original concept featured a group of superpowered teens from L.A. who discover that their parents are supervillains and run away from home. Just in time for the Hulu series based on the comic, which is slated for 2018, the new comic will see the original crew reuniting after a long time apart.


Teen witch Nico Minoru was recently part of the team A-Force, and before that she and Chase Stein were subjected to an island deathtrap concocted by Arcade in Avengers Arena. A future version of the youngest member and resident mutant Molly Hayes has appeared in the X-Men titles as a future member of the team, and the extraterrestrial Karolina Dean has been seen dating Julie Power of Power Pack. Former member and all-around evil guy Alex Wilder was tormenting all of Harlem in the pages of Power Man and Iron Fist, and Gertrude Yorkes is still dead, though her return is going to be a big part of the opening arc, according to Rowell.

“At the beginning of this series they are scattered to the four winds and half of them are dead. One of the challenges now is who are they when they’re apart? They got thrown together, but now they’ve been pulled apart. They’re trying to figure out who they really are without each other… This arc is very much about them choosing to be together.”

The book has been teased this week with a series of images spotlighting each team member, drawn by Anka and showing how important fashion and personality are to each character and the title. You can check out the remaining teasers below.

It will be incredibly fun seeing this group back together again after so long apart, and I can’t wait to learn what some of them have been up to in the last few years. And will we be getting later additions like Victor Mancha or Klara Prast back on the crew? And what about the lovable Leapfrog? So many questions!

Will you be picking up this new Runaways series in September? Are you excited by this creative team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Via EW.