The creator and showrunner of NBC's superhero comedy Powerless exits over creative differences

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Aug 21, 2016, 7:52 AM EDT (Updated)

One of the most interesting genre comedies of next season is looking for a new showrunner, after the series’ creator left the project due to creative differences.

Deadline reports showrunner/creator Ben Queen has officially exited NBC’s high-concept superhero comedy Powerless, which is essentially an Office-esque workplace comedy set in the DC Comics universe. Production on the full season was originally set to ramp up in two weeks, though the network has now delayed shooting until a new showrunner can be lined up.

The departure was apparently mutual, and due to creative differences. It’s never a good thing when the guy who conceived the show decides to jump off, but NBC seems keen to give this show a chance to succeed, so it’ll be interesting who they tap for the helm. But yeah, the fact that the show has changed so much from its conception to now that the creator didn’t want to carry on is admittedly a bit worrisome.

Here’s hoping that despite the shakeups, Powerless will be able to find its voice quickly. The cast should make the process a lot easier for whoever is pulling the strings, with Danny Pudi (Community), Alan Tudyk (Firefly) and Vanessa Hudgens in front of the camera.

Powerless is set to premiere at the midseason mark, though no exact date has been set.

(Via Deadline)