The creator of Star Wars' holochess is making an augmented reality battle game

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Mar 30, 2016

Artist Phil Tippett’s most famous creation is easily the holochess game in the original Star Wars, and now the man behind that legendary piece of geekery is creating a real augmented-reality game.

Tippett is hard at work on the monster-battling card game HoloGrid: Monster Battle, which is being designed for augmented-reality and virtual-reality platforms. The tech uses cards to make miniature monsters appear and battle, which is pretty much similar to holochess. Which is awesome.

Though the augmented reality helps it stand apart, HoloGrid looks to be a spin on the classic Magic: The Gathering type of battle card game. According to The Verge, Tippett is using a process called photogrammetry to make the monsters come to life on the game board. It’s similar to the tech Nintendo uses for its AR cards, as well as the PS3 game Eye of Judgment.

Battle card games are as popular as ever, and combining that concept with the cutting-edge tech from the burgeoning VR/augmented reality field is a fascinating premise. Plus, the fact that it’s coming from the guy who created holochess doesn’t hurt, either.

Check out a demo of HoloGrid: Monster Battle below and let us know what you think:


(Via The Verge)

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