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Creep inside these 23 thrilling, chilling haunted-house comic-book covers

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Oct 28, 2014

You've seen it all your life, looming up there on the barren hill: Brooding boards of wicked wood forming a certified, ghost-dwelling haunted house.  Whether a home to homicidal maniacs, cannibal cousins or gruesome ghouls, the notion of supernatural domiciles as a horror staple is a cherished part of every Halloween season.  Decorated with twisted dead trees and tilted tombstones, haunted houses provide an irresistible attraction to wayward travelers and curious spirit-seekers who should know better than to wander into their crumbling clutches.  

In honor of these icons of deranged domesticity, enjoy the hospitality of our 23 creaky haunted-house comic-book covers from Charlton, Dell, DC, Marvel and more.  The unwelcome mat is out!

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