The creepy first teaser for Showtime's Twin Peaks revival is here

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Dec 21, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

For a while, we thought we'd see the return of the cult classic Twin Peaks in 2016, but delays (probably thanks in part to issues that almost made co-creator David Lynch leave the production) mean that it's not arriving on Showtime until 2017. That means we'll have to wait a good deal for anything really substantial about the show's plot and characters to land in our laps. That doesn't meant we can't have teasers, though.

Today, Showtime released a minute-long clip that's part teaser trailer, part behind-the-scenes look, to announce that the series has begun production. Most of the footage is a loving look at the Washington landscape that surrounds the town. As we see the mountains and the waterfalls, we hear a voice: It's Michael Horse, who played Deputy Tommy Hawk on the series, talking about the "sacred places" surrounding the location. It's fitting, since he's the guy who introduced us to Twin Peaks' White Lodge/Black Lodge strangeness in the first place. Then we see crew members unveiling a familiar site, and we learn that Twin Peaks has either maintained its population for 25 years, or they just haven't bothered to change the sign.

After that, things get weird. Check it out:


Who was that? Is it David Lynch? Is it Dale Cooper? Either way, it's a delightful weird taste to get us all freaked out about Twin Peaks again.

Twin Peaks returns in 2017.

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