Apollo 18 trailer is so creepy you'll be afraid to look at the moon

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Dec 14, 2012

When will humans learn that the moon is not to be trusted? A new trailer for the sci-fi horror flick Apollo 18 has been released, and it feeds into every fear we've ever had about space.

The opening of the trailer reads, "The following is the recovered footage from Apollo 18," which automatically prepares us for shady activity. Something is attacking a crew that was sent on a space mission. Members are disappearing, and these poor astronauts have no idea what's going on!

Apollo 18 is directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego and produced by Timur Bekmambetov. It's Lopez-Gallego's first English-language film, and we're interested in seeing his transition into the world of American horror.

Even though the found-footage phenomenon has been done to death, we can't turn away a good space story. Especially one that centers on an unknown threat and people being tossed around like rag dolls. Take that fear and throw in zero gravity and you've got a party.

Apollo 18 opens in theaters Sept. 2. Will you be checking it out?

(via Yahoo)