'Creepy' Falling Skies star on what comes after that cliffhanger

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Dec 17, 2012

The writers of TNT's hit alien invasion drama Falling Skies wrote themselves into a truly awesome corner with some unexpected twists in the season-one finale—and series star Jessy Schram says they don't plan on backing down when season two kicks off this Sunday.

Schram, who plays the currently harnessed young lady Karen on the series, said season two will pick up right where season one left off. Namely, she tells IGN we'll get to see more of that shiny alien ship, and see what the heck happened to Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) once he stepped onboard:

"The opening of Season 2 is where you leave off on in Season 1. You're taking Noah [Wyle] onto the spaceship, and then Season 2 starts out with us on the spaceship. So you get to see a little bit indoors, where we live and where we are. And I think about three months have passed that Tom's been captive with us. In that time period, Karen's done whatever job she's needed to do. But finally, Tom does get to speak through Karen to the aliens. His character has evolved so much because he has so much knowledge, and he's become less of this professor that kind of sits to the side and more of that gut-wrenching, heart-filled, 'I'm gonna take back what's ours. This isn't fair. Give us what we want.' So the first episode of the second season starts out where we left off, and then jumps three months later. So a lot of time has passed in the 2nd Mass, in that group, and a lot of time has passed on the ship. Tom has changed, and Karen has definitely advanced in the chain of command, to being a servant of one of the higher-up aliens. She's not just collecting scrap metal like everyone else. Even though she's unable to control it, she has the insight and the plans they do because she's a vessel for them. So she carries what they're giving her."

Judging by the sound of things, it seems Karen will factor a bit heavier into year two, which is great, because her presence was missed later in the season after being snatched up by the skitters.

When asked if they'll delve a little deeper into the sci-fi aspects of the story, Schram said that now that the world has been introduced to viewers, they have a lot more time to play with the conventions and develop the alien plots:

"The first season was so much about introducing things and, 'Oh my gosh, it's going to turn into a Skitter,' or something of that sort. You learn so much about just the initial factors of what's going on. In the second season, we have so much more knowledge. New things are introduced, but now we're based in this world where the other things are normal. I know that there's so much more activity in the sense that we're always on the go. There was no set stage for anything. So you always come across things that are on the journey and the path. Season 2 is just pretty awesome."

Season two of Falling Skies premieres Sunday on TNT. Will you be watching?

(Via IGN)

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