Creepy test footage unmasks the man who played original Alien

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Dec 17, 2012

Though the H.R. Giger-designed xenomorph from Ridley Scott's Alien has grown into one of the most mythologized movie monsters in sci-fi history in the years since its debut, it all started with a single actor in a suit. You don't see much of him in the flick, but this creepy test footage reveals all the work Bolaji Badejo put in to the creature.

Badejo was a Nigerian design student selected for the role in part because of the uniqueness of his 7-foot, 2-inch, very thin physique. He studied tai chi and mime to master the movements of the character, and a custom latex suit was made to fit his body. But after all that work, he didn't end up appearing in the film much. Scott shot his monster in the shadows, revealing very little of the creature up until the very end of the flick.

But despite his lack of full-frontal screen time, Badejo definitely mastered the creature's eerie physicality. For proof, we can turn to this three-and-a-half-minute clip of him walking the corridors of the Nostromo wearing an early version of the creature's head. Yeah, it's much more obviously a guy in a suit here than in the final film, but you try watching this without being seriously creeped out.

(Via Boing Boing)