Crisis on Earth-X mystery girl to return with answers: is she Dawn Allen?

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Dec 27, 2017, 1:13 PM EST

The CW’s recent Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Earth-X” featured parallel universes, evil doppelgangers, new superheroes, two weddings and a major death and big bad Nazis galore. But it also introduced a mysterious character who vanished as quickly as she appeared.

As some of you will recall, a mysterious caterer played by Jessica Parker Kennedy (Black Sails) showed up at Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris’ (Candice Patton) wedding during the Supergirl installment of the crossover and Kennedy confirmed she’ll be back in a Flash episode, teasing we may actually find out who she is when she returns.

Speaking to Bustle, the actress said: “I’ll be around. You’ll see me at least one more time, I can tell you that. You’ll see me again on the show and things will make more sense.”

Kennedy’s appearance on the speedy superhero series will obviously happen in the second half of the season and the actress said that only a few people (including herself but not most of the Flash actors) actually know her character’s true identity. “No, it’s really funny,” Kennedy said. “They have me listed as ‘Mystery Girl’ and I just hang out as Mystery Girl on set. Even [the costume department] are like, ‘Who are you?’ And I’m like: ‘I am Mystery Girl.’ It’s been a very secretive mission and it’s been fun to be a part of.”

In the first part of the crossover (before all hell broke loose) Kennedy’s character sought out Barry and mentioned she was excited to be at his wedding, telling him it was going to be one for the ages and how really happy she was to get to see it. Barry obviously gets a tiny bit suspicious and asks if they’ve met before to which she replies “No” but then grabs his arm, wishes him good luck, and reminds him to say “I Do.”

Well, her appearance certainly set the Internet abuzz at the time and rumors began making the rounds that “Mystery Girl” might actually be Dawn Allen: Barry and Iris’ future daughter from the comics.

Another possibility is that she could be Jenni Ognats, Dawn’s own daughter (thus Barry and Iris’ granddaughter) who also happens to be a Legion of Super-Heroes team member known as XS. The Legion itself will officially be making its Arrowverse debut in the Jan. 15 episode of Supergirl aptly titled “Legion of Super-Heroes.” Now that’s an interesting coincidence, even though Kennedy’s next appearance will be on a Flash (which takes place on Earth-1) episode and not Supergirl.

The CW will re-air “Crisis on Earth-X” on Jan. 8 with their Supergirl and Arrow episodes followed by The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Jan. 9.

What do you think? Is Jessica Parker Kennedy’s "Mystery Girl" related to the West-Allens as either their daughter Dawn Allen or granddaughter Jenni Ognats? Or is she someone else entirely? Chime in with your predictions below.

(via Bustle)

(via Bustle)