Critics say Black Mirror Season 4 is brilliant, twisted and great

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:28 AM EDT (Updated)

Fans are on pins and needles waiting for the fourth season of Black Mirrorwhich is scheduled to hit Netflix on December 29. It should make for a perfectly creepy way to ring in the New Year. The new season will consist of six standalone episodes, telling stories ranging from high-tech dating gone wrong, to a glossy Star Trek-spoof, and more.

The reviews are starting to creep in, and it looks like the fourth season will be just as good as previous seasons - maybe even better. Most critical takes this far have been glowing, with critics calling the new batch of episodes great, creepy, and as ambitious as this anthology series has ever been.

Here are a few choice selections:

"There’s one brilliant standout epic, a sardonic meditation on space operas which also feels like a legitimate attempt to outdo any space operas in theaters now. There are a couple chapters that proudly announce their talking-point topics — imagine a chyron running across the bottom of the screen declaring THIS IS ABOUT TINDER. And there are a couple that feel playfully anti-thematic, dousing light flavors of futurist dystopiana over tense action and slippery noir. I don’t think any of the new six measure up to the show’s early heights, but this is a strong batch of science fiction concepts." - Darren Franich, EW. 

"This is never a show that’s easy to talk about in a spoiler-free context, but it feels safe to say that there’s more optimism in Season 4 than you might expect. Never fear, loyal fans — there are some truly twisted moments, especially in 'Black Museum,' which encompasses three mini-narratives that might be the most disturbing of the season, and the black and white 'Metalhead,' directed by Hard Candy and American Gods helmer David Slade, is a miniature horror film." - Liz Shannon Miller, Indie Wire

Black Mirror keeps finding brilliant ways to tell stories, from the black-and-white terrors of 'Metalhead' to the Star Trek styling of 'Callister.' But the show feels too good to be sustainable: [series creator Charlie] Brooker will have to run out of ideas, or decide he’s said he has all he has to say. Or our AI masters, the ones that tell us what we might like on Netflix, will stop letting us watch a show that gives away their plans." - Tim Molloy, The Wrap

"The good news is that the latest season of Black Mirror goes off into new, unexpected directions and has fun playing around with style and form. The six episodes that occupy the latest season all vary in plot, tone, and message, which is a welcome change compared to previous seasons, which had a tendency to blur together." - Chris Evangelista, Slash Film

"Season 4 sees the series on a histrionic cliff of its own making, teetering on the precipice of cartoonishness. And while it’s not without its share of bright spots, Brooker’s latest sci-fi offering has all the markings of the beginning of the end for a show previously characterized by an astonishing, singular voice." - Aubrey Page, Collider

"Season four is, if not consistently great, consistently challenging and original. Its highs come close to season one’s, and its lows are nowhere near the lows of season three." - Eli Fine, The Playlist

"Sprung forth from these new episodes is something that’s evolved beyond a wariness of machines and their technological stranglehold on our society. This season jumps around the spectrum of its storytelling–from an appreciation and respect for these tools we’ve created and the lengths to which they go to improve and/or destroy us (knowingly or otherwise), to standalone episodes that go aggressively against the idea of having a theme at all. And this season continues to impress, depress, and inspire in that emotional way only Black Mirror can." - Alicia Lutes, Nerdist

"The fourth season of Black Mirror is shocking, twisted, amusing, melancholic, and occasionally – very occasionally – hopeful. It's also pretty great." - Daniel Krupa, IGN

Do you plan on checking it out when the new season drops? Which episode are you most excited to see?