Is Klingon viral video teasing a new Star Trek project?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

A propaganda film that just went viral calls for us to embrace our invaders as Earth joins the Klingon Empire. But is the animated video merely one fan's Trek tribute? Or could it be the promise of something greater?

Check out the video below to learn more.

The Klingon language experts over at TrekMovie noticed that the final frame of the video contained Klingon letters spelling out a Web site address—http://www.tlhingan.org/.

One of the things they discovered at that site—in addition to cool Trek-related content—was that the Flash animation was made by Bad Monkey Studios, which was involved in the 2008 immigration-related Star Trek parody "Don't Deport Me Scotty" on behalf of one of its clients, Breakthrough:

So—why the new video and site? Is it just a fun project by avowed Trekkie Mark Farinas, head of Bad Monkey Studios? Or is he laying the groundwork for a larger campaign on behalf of one of his clients?

We haven't figured that out ourselves yet. But whatever the answer, the more we watch the new video, the more we're ready to bow to our new alien overlords!