Cult hit British sci-fi series Misfits getting a U.S. cable TV reboot

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Apr 8, 2016, 10:53 AM EDT

Though the Cloak and Dagger series obviously gets first billing, Freeform is cooking up another genre project that should pique the interest of British sci-fi fans.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cable network (formerly known as ABC Family) is rebooting the cult hit British sci-fi series Misfits as part of a broader push into a new development direction. The report doesn’t note anything about carryover talent from the British version, and the reboot will be produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (Chuck, The O.C.).

if you’ve never seen (or even heard of) the original series, you’re not alone. The British series ran for five short seasons from 2009-2013 on E4, but never really broke through to mainstream success (though it was a modest hit on Hulu for a hot second). It focused on a group of troubled youths who gain superpowers during a freak electrical storm, and just on paper, that sounds like a good fit for the teen-skewing audience at Freeform.

The series itself was a crazy, hilarious, sci-fi romp. It was also notorious for zooming through cast members, so if Freeform wanted to keep a revolving door of pretty young people, it’d fit with the franchise.

It’s worth noting: Between Misfits, and Cloak and Dagger, it feels like Freeform could be making a play for that supernatural/superhero sweet spot The CW has been enjoying the past few seasons.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)