Cute pics prove what latest comics controversy is really all about

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Dec 15, 2012

What with all the controversy about sexism in comics—the questionable characterizations of Starfire and Catwoman being just the latest such incidents—we've found some pics the folks running the companies (yeah, companies—'cause it's not just DC) should take a look at to remind themselves a thing or two about who's reading their comics.

Some panels in a couple of rebooted titles have been the equivalent of hanging a No Gurlz Allowed sign on the outside of a clubhouse door, but as the Superheroes Are For Girls, Too site proves, girls LOVE superheroes, and would like to be able to keep reading them.

Head on over to the site—run by the also-fun DC Women Kicking Ass—for a reminder why comics creators shouldn't forget a big part of their audience.

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