CW announces The Flash, iZombie, and The Messengers

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May 10, 2014, 10:26 AM EDT (Updated)

Although CW's recent culling of some underperforming TV shows has left fans of The Carrie Diaries in a lurch, the network has nicely made room for three new sci-fi offerings. Here's an overview of the three shows that the CW recently greenlit for Fall 2014 ... and why they each could be worth our viewing time.


In this spinoff of the popular show Arrow, Grant Gustin will be reprising his role as the super-speedy Flash, aka Barry Allen, the young crime scene investigator who once had a penchant for lateness. It could be a good idea. Arrow is an arc-heavy show whose protagonist has PTSD and has an antagonist wants to make him suffer. Gustin's affable superheroics may be a lighter take on the DC Universe. 

We just hope it goes down better than the last Flash TV show, which aired from 
1990-1991. What started out as a decent show devolved into camp, complete with a Dick Tracy color palette (Geek trivia for you: Mark Hamill, who voiced the Joker in the Batman cartoons/videogames for 19 years until he returned to Star Wars, played the Joker knockoff the Trickster. Get yer ridiculous YouTube clip here).


iZombie could be an excellent choice for a television show: Here a female zombie needs to eat a brain once a month to maintain what's left of her humanity. But in doing so, she takes in the memories of the person whose brain she just consumed. She then fulfills their requests and solves their mysteries for them. It's a zombie show. It's a procedural. It could be a lot of fun.

The Vertigo comic book it was based on ran for only 28 issues before it shuffled off its mortal coil. Although in the comic book, the protagonist is named Gwen, in the TV show her name has been changed to Liv. (A zombie named Liv. Humor!)

The Messengers

According to ComingSoon, 

In "The Messengers," when a mysterious object crashes down to Earth, a group of seemingly unconnected strangers dies from the energy pulse. But then they awaken to learn that they have been deemed responsible for preventing the impending apocalypse. Shantel VanSanten, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Joel Courtney, Jon Fletcher, Diogo Morgado and Craig Frank stars.

Sadly, this description reminds me of what I loved about the single-season show Odyssey 5 (2002-2003), which set up a mind-melting mystery and was canceled before it could be explored in depth. But that was a pre-Lost show, before audiences knew that to enjoy a show like that, they had to commit for the long haul. If it's anywhere near as good as the sadly unrealized Odyssey 5, we're commited already.

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