CW sci-fi overload: Tomorrow People, Originals + The 100 trailers

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Jul 4, 2015, 2:17 PM EDT (Updated)

We knew The CW were propping up their fall schedule with four new sci-fi series, and now we finally have our first look at what they’ve been cooking up.

All four are solid sci-fi setups, with one series a spinoff of the network’s popular Vampire Diaries series. From alien love stories to Heroes-esque action, there looks to be a good mix of options coming to the netlet.

So, while we wait the long summer until fall, check out what we have to look forward to.

The Tomorrow People

This series is easily the most promising of the bunch, and seems to boast the best production values to boot (for what it’s worth). The series looks like a good spin on Heroes, with young people figuring out they have awesome superpowers. As suspected, it definitely has a Push vibe, which should be a good fit for the small screen. Oh, plus Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural, Lost)!

The Originals

We got a peek at the backdoor pilot earlier this season with The Vampire Diaries, and the network liked the New Orleans-set pitch so much they decided to bring the more mature spinoff back for a full season. It’s a no-brainer for Vampire Diaries fans, and could also appeal to fang fans who found the high-school series a bit too young-skewing.

The 100

This one could go either way. It’s a future-set series following 100 teens sent back to Earth to investigate whether the planet is hospitable to re-establish a colony. It has a lower-budget Terra Nova vibe (minus the dinosaurs, of course), and definitely feels like a Hunger Games ripoff. It’ll be interesting to see how they develop the premise for the pilot.


Do you miss Roswell? Well, you’re in luck! This series looks like a pretty straight play on the fish-out-of-water storyline of aliens in a high school, only this time the whole world knows they’re aliens (and apparently hates them for it). It looks like 90210 with aliens, which could definitely appeal to a niche of CW fans.

Which of these shows do you think is the most promising?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)