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The CW announces Swamp Thing, Supernatural finale dates among genre-filled 2020 slate

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Aug 17, 2020, 2:45 PM EDT

After an uncertain summer for entertainment (thanks to the dominating presence of the coronavirus pandemic), the world of genre TV looks to be settling down this fall on The CW. The network recently solidified many of its coming attractions for the latter half of 2020, including heavy hitters like the finale episodes of Supernatural and the network TV acquisition of DC Universe's live-action original Swamp Thing.

According to a release, the big genre shows start popping in early October. First there's Pandora, back for a second season starting on Oct. 4. Then there's Swamp Thing (premiering on regular ol', non-streaming TV with a 90-minute episode) on Oct. 6, followed a week later by fairy tale anthology Tell Me a Story's second season debut on Oct. 13. In between is the Season 3 premiere of The Outpost on Oct. 8.

Also on that date (Oct. 8) is the beginning of Supernatural's end. This is when the 15th and final season of the long-running show will resume, culminating after seven episodes in a finale airing on Nov. 19. This end follows "a special celebration of the Winchesters and the angels and demons, the deities and monsters" called Supernatural: The Long Way Home. The hour-long special looks to pay its respects to the gigantic genre series before giving fans its conclusion.

All that Supernatural news should comfort fans, who last heard that production on its final episodes had been shut down due to COVID-19. However, by putting the finale on the schedule, The CW has given itself and fans a deadline for the show. Until then, Supernatural diehards can take solace in knowing that Jensen Ackles will be appearing in the third season of The Boys (Season 2 of the Amazon Prime original debuts in a few weeks).

Many other offerings from the network, like all things Arrowverse, look to be held until 2021.