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The CW's Arrow is way less serious in hilarious S1 blooper reel

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Sep 24, 2013

The CW followed up the somewhat cheesy Smallville with the much darker series Arrow, but this blooper reel from season one shows the latest DC project can still have a little fun.

Considering all the melodrama and ass-kicking that makes it to the screen, it’s a great change of pace to see the actors getting tongue-tied and screwing things up. From broken doors, fart jokes, itchy noses, awkward sex scenes and a boatload of (censored) F-bombs — it’s all here.

There’s also some great John Barrowman stuff, as well. Considering he was one of the greatest things about year one, fingers crossed he’ll pop up again at some point in season two.

The second season is set to premiere October 9.

(Via /Film)

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