The CW's bringing another DC character to TV (one you'd never expect)

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Nov 5, 2013

There are a lot of DC characters we thought might make their way to the small screen. This is not one of them.

Green Arrow has a show. The Flash is almost definitely about to join him. So who else can The CW bring to TV? Aquaman? Nah, too fishy. Green Lantern? Too expensive (and too green, probably). Wonder Woman? Too tricky, apparently. But, hark! There's one superhero who's up to the challenge!


If, in this moment, you are asking, "Who?" then you are not alone. There have been three different people (one who was an android) to take up the mantle of Hourman, but, despite that, he remains relatively unknown.

In the comics, Rex Tyler uses a "miraculous vitamin" (read: addictive chemical substance) called Miraclo that would give him all sorts of super powers, but only for the span of one hour. His son, Rick, also uses the drug later and becomes Hourman but, in addition to the regular powers, he also has one ability that the CW seems to have taken special interest in -- visions.

So if your follow-up question is, "Why this guy?" then we think the answer stems from that particular power. Being able to see exactly one hour into the future is a perfect trope for an hourlong drama. In fact, if there's a single classic device that people love most in their genre television, it's the one that involves the phrase, "I've seen the future and it must be stopped!"

Looks like the TV version of the character will blend elements from Rex and son Rick. This Hourman has a son but is divorced, so his power represents a perfect opportunity to make good with this ex-wife, his kid and probably the community too while he's at it.

Hourman is in development for a two-year deal. Former Sopranos writer Michael Caleo is writing the pilot script and will executive-produce the show alongside Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz for Warner Bros. Television.

We think the show has potential, even though the character is almost entirely unknown. Certainly with such a basic power, Hourman could fit in nicely with Arrow and the Flash.

But what do you think? Is Hourman the kind of hero you'd give a chance?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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