The CW's Flash showrunners reveal plans to bring in Wally West. Eventually

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Sep 8, 2014, 5:04 PM EDT

During The Flash’s PaleyFest panel over the weekend, the showrunners for The CW’s upcoming freshman superhero series revealed their hopes of bringing another iconic speedster into the mix.

That other speedster? Another Flash. That other Flash? Wally West.

Not only that, but the showrunners have confirmed that he’d be African-American, just as in The New 52.

Here's what Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, executive producers on the Arrow spinoff, told the audience:

Greg Berlanti said, “We made [the] Wests African-American so that we could head in that direction.” Then Kreisberg added, “When DC reintroduced Wally [in the New 52], he was African-American.”

Before the massive reboot to the DC Universe that took place back in 2011, Wally West had been a founding members of the Teen Titans alongside Batman's Dick Grayson. He would later take over Barry Allen’s place as the Flash when Allen died during the 1985-86 miniseries event Crisis on Infinite Earth.

However, when the character Wally West was re-introduced in New 52 (in The Flash #30, specifically), he was now a young African-American who had a new “street” backstory.

In September’s Futures End Flash tie-in issue, the series will jump ahead five years from the current timeline and will feature a very Impulse-inspired version of Wally West as Kid Flash. With time travel ALSO playing in The CW’s The Flash, perhaps this is how the showrunners will introduce Wally West? What do you guys think?

The Flash speeds to TV on The CW on Tuesday, Oct. 7.

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