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Cyberpunk author William Gibson's Archangel soars into new IDW compilation

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Aug 29, 2017

Superstar sci-fi author William Gibson (Neuromancer, Burning Chrome, Pattern Recognition) dipped his toe in the comic book world last year with his arresting Archangel series for IDW and now the compilation edition is about to strike this fall.

We previously chatted with Gibson on the eve of his new creative endeavor's launch, where he illuminated us on the merits of the project and his enthusiasm for the medium.

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Originally released as a five-issue mini-series in May of 2016, IDW's Archangel #1 thrives in a post-apocalyptic world where Earth has been ravaged by radiation and society's entire future hinges around a mysterious government-controlled machine called The Splitter, a dangerous quantum device able to churn out alternative timelines to rule over and explore.


Archangel began life as an unproduced TV pilot co-authored with screenwriter Michael St. John Smith (The Dead Zone), then transformed into an IDW comic event matched with the art of industry veteran Butch Guice (Micronauts, Winterworld). Now, with the Godfather of Cyberpunk's blessing, his time-twisting comic has been optioned for an adaptation as a new TV series.

Tell us if you'll jack into Gibson's Archangel alt-history odyssey when the compilation hardback edition arrives October 3.

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