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Daisy Ridley answers questions while putting together a Lego Millennium Falcon

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:24 AM EDT (Updated)

It's that time of year. What time? Time to run down to the closest store and grab all of the toys you can -- to give as gifts, obviously. Or with the latest Star Wars film just weeks away, be like Daisy Ridley and pick up a Lego Millennium Falcon set for yourself.

In a new video interview with Elle UK, Rey herself, Daisy Ridley, answers questions while trying to assemble a complicated-looking Millennium Falcon Lego set. But wait, it isn't as hard as it looks. Actually, Daisy makes the whole thing look really fun. As she reads instructions (like all good Jedi) and builds the famous ship, she discusses everything from her unfortunate cat allergy to whether her father is still a Star Trek fan (he is). Plus, she talks about the pressure she put on herself while making The Last Jedi. Spoiler: She put even more pressure on herself than when she was making The Force Awakens. And by the end of the three minutes, Daisy has used her Jedi mind tricks to distract you while she put together the entire Millennium Falcon.

Watch the full video below and get some clues on how to put your very own Lego Millennium Falcon together:

Do you think if we pick one of these up now we can put it together by the time The Last Jedi is out? Daisy makes it look easy, but she does have insider information. Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.

(via Elle UK)