Daisy Ridley praises Mark Hamill in Star Wars Episode VIII. Luke, too

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Mar 4, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

Daisy Ridley is best known to us as Rey, the Jakku scavenger from Star Wars: The Force Awakens who happens to be strong in the Force. But she’s also known as “the woman who knows the story of Star Wars: Episode VIII.” And she has a little to say about the upcoming film.

As we know, the movie will begin where the previous film left off: on Skellig Michael, Ireland. And while the island is the same, and Ridley and co-star Mark Hamill are the same, there’s one big difference: 

As Ridley, who spoke to MTV on the Oscars red carpet, said, “When we went back to Skellig to do the opening of [Episode] VIII, it was so crazy doing the same scene with a different crew of people.” That even includes the director. It sounds quite a bit disorienting—which is unsettling, considering how treacherous Skellig Michael is.

“Me and Mark have been rehearsing a lot, and it’s really amazing …” Ridley said. “He’s amazing to rehearse with, and I’m very excited to be doing the rest of the stuff.”

That stuff includes, as Ridley put it, deadpan, “It’s two hours of me and Mark Hamill staring at each other. At the end of the film, you’re not sure if he’s going to talk or not. Nine opens the same way.”

But on a geekier note, Ridley squees, “It’s such a good story! Seriously. Luke is so cool in this one. Really.”

The fact that she can squee about Star Wars like the rest of us makes her my new best friend. And best friends tell each other things, like the plot to Star Wars. Amirite?

(Via MTV)