Dammit, Jim, I *am* a doctor!

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Apr 23, 2011

With the new series of Doctor Who premiering today, why not poke a little fun?

It took me a second to recognize the voice as David Hyde Pierce, and the words are from "Treasure Planet", which I thought was actually quite an enjoyable movie.

But as an astronomer myself, I have to question the word "useless". Why, we have many uses! We help keep the coffee and polyester industries afloat, for one. And without us, people with no actual sense of humor wouldn't be able to say "So, what's your sign?" when they meet us, which, let me tell you, is awesomely hilarious every single time we hear it.

Anyway, if you're expecting more out of me today, you don't know me very well because I'll be camped out in front of the TV waiting for the new series to premier.

Trust me. I am a doctor.

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