Damon Lindelhof may not be working on Watchmen HBO series

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Jul 26, 2017

A Watchmen TV series has been on HBO's development radar since about 2015. As someone who did not care for Zack Snyder's 2009 feature attempt, I trust HBO to do right by the source material.

Damon Lindelhof, the man behind ABC's Lost and HBO's The Leftovers, was said to have been in talks to helm the HBO Watchmen series. THR reported as recently as a month ago that Lindelhof was in "early talks" to return to HBO to get the series to air.

Now it seems that early reports may have been a bit presumptuous. Collider is now saying that Lindelhof hasn't even met with HBO about the project, let alone been in talks with them:

“All I can say at this time is, as of right now I haven’t had any meetings at HBO about Watchmen. I’ve been very vocal about my love for those 12 issues that eventually became a graphic novel, that they were completely and totally inspiring for all the storytelling that I did subsequently, and that I owe a debt to it. So is that piece of material something that’s really interesting to me? Yes, but I do feel like I have to weigh the balance of ‘Should it exist?’ before I decide to take it on, and I’m sort of in that process now. I hold the source material in such high regard it would literally be the worst feeling in the world to screw it up. So I take it very seriously, there’s a lot of responsibility. All I can say is I’m thinking about Watchmen a lot right now, nothing official.”

Lindelhof has been a vocal fan of Alan Moore's Watchmen graphic novel, which follows superheroes who act outside the law after they are banned. HBO has had good luck with its limited selection of genre fare (Westworld, Game of Thrones), so it is no surprise that the cable company would want to throw another hat in the ring.

In any case, it seems like we are going to have wait a while longer before we get the Watchmen screen take that fans deserve.

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