Damon Lindelof reveals the bigger ending his Star Trek sequel almost had

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Aug 6, 2013, 11:16 AM EDT

According to one of its writers, the ending of Star Trek Into Darkness was almost even more epic. SPOILERS AHEAD!

There's a lot going on already in the climactic scenes of the latest Trek flick. A secret weapons program helmed by Adm. Marcus (Peter Weller) was revealed, Marcus himself was murdered at the hands of Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch), and Kirk (Chris Pine) died after personally fixing the Enterprise's warp core. To top it all off, Khan crashed the uber-starship Vengeance into San Francisco, and Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Uhura (Zoe Saldana) pursued him for a final showdown, all while Bones (Karl Urban) discovered that, with a little of Khan's genetically superior blood, Kirk could possibly be revived. 

That sounds like plenty of plot right there, but according to co-writer Damon Lindelof, the climax was almost even bigger.

“It was always about Spock and Khan duking it out with the stakes being Kirk’s life,” Lindelof said in a lengthy interview about screenwriting with Vulture. “But there were earlier story iterations where the Klingon Fleet was simultaneously heading for Earth to get retribution, only to be turned around via diplomatic intervention by Uhura. We dropped it pretty early on, as it didn’t feel intimate, cool, or earned.”

Though the idea of throwing the Klingon Fleet at Earth only to have it turned away was scrapped, the film still features plenty of talk of Federation/Klingon tensions, not to mention a gunfight between a band of Klingons and Khan, Kirk, Spock and Uhura on the surface of Kronos. It's strongly implied that war is coming, particularly by Adm. Marcus, though Lindelof is probably right that very nearly starting a war while several characters are fighting to save Kirk's life would have been a bit much. Lindelof himself has already hinted, though, that the Klingons could return for battle in the third Trek film, so perhaps we'll see that fleet arrive at Earth's doorstep in the next adventure of the Enterprise crew.

What do you think? Was the Into Darkness crew right to pull back on the Klingons this time out, or did you want more of them?

(Via Vulture)