Damon Lindelof on Tomorrowland: 'We both wish the end result was better'

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Jun 11, 2017, 1:32 PM EDT (Updated)

There was a whole lot of buzz surrounding the ambitious Disney flick Tomorrowland from Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof … and then it actually opened. The project turned out to be a whole lot of big ideas and gorgeous visuals wrapped up in a pretty boring film.

Looking back, Lindelof told Collider he realizes they missed the mark with the 2015 film. But the Lost alum said he learned a lot from the process, after getting in the weeds with all the world-building involved. Which, yeah, Tomorrowland had a whole lot of world-building that hinted at a much more fun film they could’ve made with some adjustments.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“I learned a lot from Tomorrowland, I think there’s some really good stuff in that movie, but the best part of that experience for me was getting to work with one of my idols, Brad Bird. I’m sure we both wish the end result was better than it actually was, but…we were trying to say something about the future and about the way people think about the future that tapped into Walt Disney’s fundamental idea back in the 1950s that the future was bright, and that’s a much harder idea to get across these days because we have a fixation with the apocalypse.

It feels like we keep making these movies where the future isn’t bright and Tomorrowland was gonna try to thread that needle. I still celebrate the ambition of the movie and I certainly celebrate Disney’s big swing on letting us make it. I don’t entirely have the answer yet to what could we have done differently to make it awesome, but at least we tried.”

What did you think of Tomorrowland? Do you agree with Lindelof’s assessment?

(Via Collider)