Damon Lindelof on why it would be a 'betrayal' for him to return to Lost

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May 3, 2017, 1:25 PM EDT (Updated)

WARNING: Lost spoilers herein.

These days, if a TV series has even a hint of a solid fan following online, there's a good chance someone somewhere is talking about reviving it.

Naturally, Lost is one such show, and in the age of intellectual property revival its strong ratings may certainly be of interest at some point.

So yes, Lost may come back. Just don't expect Damon Lindelof to be along for the ride.

Lindelof, who co-created and ran the series alongside Carlton Cuse, has long since given up arguing over Lost's very divisive series finale ... but he's still willing to discuss a possible future for the world he developed. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lindelof said that, while he could envision a version of Lost with new characters, he doesn't want to see his characters -- who got both lives and afterlives by the end -- return.

“As it relates to Lost, which was so heavily serialized, I do think it's somewhat of a betrayal to go back in and say, 'There's more story to tell that I just came up with now,' especially when we had ample time to end it on our own terms," he said.

That said, Lindelof isn't naive, He knows he helped build something profitable with plenty of loose ends in the mythos, and he's open to seeing the world of Lost move on without him.

"[Executive producer] Carlton [Cuse] and I always said that we welcome any future crack at the [intellectual property]. Lost was bigger than us and bigger than [co-creator] J.J. [Abrams]. There's something really exciting about the fact that George Lucas sold the Star Wars universe and now the people who grew up watching it are making it. Maybe the same thing could be said for Lost."

So, Lost fans, place your bets. How long until someone else pitches a new project?