Damon Lindelof says fans don't actually want Trek sequel spoilers

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Dec 17, 2012

We've been hungry for every little peek at the Star Trek 2 set we can find around here lately, and we imagine more than a few of you have been, too. But if you ask the flick's co-writer Damon Lindelof, it's all for naught—because deep down, we really want to remain in the dark.

Lindelof's sort of a self-taught expert when it comes to super-secret sci-fi projects. First he spent six years constantly deflecting questions about the mysteries of Lost, then he spent the past several months deflecting questions about the mysteries of Prometheus. Now, as that movie heads to theaters, it's the Star Trek sequel's turn. According to Lindelof, when it comes to spoilers about the flick (who the villain might be, who the new characters are, whether we might see any cameos, etc.), we'd really be happier if we didn't know anything, and it's up to him (and co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and director J.J. Abrams) to save us from ourselves.

"We want to leave some air of mystery and intrigue surrounding the movie. Because as much as people clamor for information, I really fundamentally believe they don't want to know. It is modulating that desire between 'I know that my Christmas presents are in my parents closet' and 'If I open it up I can see what I will get.' But, on Christmas morning when you see those same gifts under the tree, you know what's inside and there is a part of you that wishes you hadn't peeked. So it is up to us to lock the closet tight."

Okay, so we'll admit that we don't really want to know everything that happens before we see the flick, but we still want to shake our Christmas presents a little before we open them up, right? In that spirit, we'll take the brief glimpses where we can get them.

What about you? Would you really rather not know anything about this particular blockbuster ... or any upcoming movies, for that matter?

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