Damon Lindelof to rewrite the already shot World War Z. WHAT!?

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Dec 17, 2012

We knew the zombie epic World War Z, based on the Max Brooks novel and starring Brad Pitt, was going to need some extensive reshoots—but now the studio has gone so far as to call in hit-making writer Damon Lindelof to try and salvage the flick.

Apparently, World War Z is an even bigger mess than we realized.

Lost co-creator Lindelof is one of the hottest writers out there right now, with his hands on everything from Star Trek 2 to Prometheus, and Paramount hopes he'll have the juice to save what is becoming a very big money pit of a movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the brunt of Lindelof's work will focus on the film's third act, which was apparently so bad it warranted a full seven weeks of reshoots. Now it seems the reshoots weren't enough, so they want Lindelof to try and make sense of the big finale.

New filming is set for September-October, so Lindelof will probably be digging into the script sooner rather than later.

The Marc Forster-directed World War Z was shot last year, and originally set for release in December 2012—though that has now shifted to June 21, 2013. Considering all the behind-the-scenes shakeups, that date could change again before this thing finally hits the big screen.

What's your take on all the trouble surrounding World War Z? Do you think Lindelof can save it?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)