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Dan Harmon confirms Community revival talks, explains why he's still 'pessimistic'

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Jun 12, 2014, 1:59 PM EDT (Updated)

Cult sitcom Community might still make it back for another season, but its creator is trying not to get his hopes up. 

Community's rabid fans got a glimmer of hope for the show's future -- it was canceled a month ago by NBC after five seasons -- a couple of weeks ago when news broke that streaming service Hulu is in talks with Sony (Community's production studio) to produce new episodes. Those talks reportedly included Community creator Dan Harmon, who initially seemed reluctant to talk about bringing the show back but promised he wouldn't "be the guy that re-cancels canceled Community" if it looked like the show actually could return.

During an interview at the Banff World Media Festival this week, Harmon confirmed that the talks between Hulu and Sony are happening, but noted he was resisting being optimistic about the process.

“I know now that Sony was indeed talking to Hulu and Hulu is indeed interested,” Harmon said. “What I can’t say and what I’m pretty cynical about, just because I think it’s better to be pessimistic and be pleasantly surprised, is that they could make anything happen."

So, why the pessimism? Well, even though the show was only canceled a month ago, its cast and crew are likely already moving on to other projects, and reassembling them all could be difficult.

"It’s a big cast full of talented people with a lot of options. And when all that is done, you’d have to make a deal with me and I wouldn’t want to do it without (writer producer Chris) McKenna," Harmon said. "I think if you lost one piece of that puzzle – what if Yvette Nicole Brown wasn’t in the mood to do it anymore? We’ve already lost Donald (Glover), we’ve lost Chevy (Chase).”

As for what might happen if the cast can't come back together for another season of Community, well, Harmon's open (possibly somehwat jokingly) to a spinoff.

“I think people would gladly watch Jeff and Annie living across the hall from each other in an apartment complex run by ... Koogler? I don’t know,” he said laughing.

So there really is still hope for Community fans, though we don't yet what the chances are that said hope will become something more tangible. For the moment, it might be best to follow Harmon's lead and be at least a little cynical, so we can be surprised by good news instead of crushed all over again by bad news.

(Via Calgary Herald)